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Hello World!

Before beginning with the introduction, the salutation ‘Hello World’ is used worldwide when learning any new computer programming language be it C, C++, Java, PHP or any high level computer language like Lisp and Python to name a few, will often begin by writing a “Hello, world!” program, which outputs the greeting to a display monitor or any other form.

There may be variations found in the spirit and casing of the phrase too.


Beginning with the adumbration, we are not a team of engineers indulged in teaching various programming languages rather a team with an intention to present the researches and activities occurring in the virtual world and showcasing them to the people and letting them know the authenticity of the subject.

Cyber Secure India is an effort to create awareness about the risks in the ‘Digital World’. The existence of a living being into the virtual world is registered as soon as the person takes birth, giving all the credit to the growing popularity of the social network (Again possible because of existence of various Digital products or gadgets). Cyber Secure India is an endeavour to educate one and all on the features, privileges, benefits of cyber space; however notwithstanding the dangers, privacy and threats in this domain. This initiative is for “One and All” “from Toddler to Teens to Adults to Veterans”.

Digital Forensics is the other area of focus at Cyber Secure India, the team endeavours to equip those experts, advisors  and scholars to be kept up-to-date on all aspect of this sub-domain.

The point here is based on the Locard’s Exchange Principle, according to which:

“The perpetrator of a crime will bring something into the crime scene and leave with something from it and that both can be used as forensic evidence.”

Based on the same principle, when something’s on the internet it’s neither ‘Private’ nor ‘Free’ and it indicates that at the back-end everything is connected and inter-linked with the front-end wearing a mask appearing as something else.

The Tagline:


The numbers of occurrences of ‘Digital Security Breaches’ in India have been:

  • Either less and reported, or
  • More and not reported.

But criminal cases involving use of a ‘Digital Product’ are on a rise and involve the security examiners, policy makers and experts to be vigilant and abreast with technology.

The capability to provide users and visitors with timely and accurate information on all aspects of the Cyber Domain mainly its features, importance and also safety aspects; is what we refer to as “Total Visibility”. It is also referred to ‘The extent to which future projections are probable’. Visibility is commonly used in discussing with reference to the fore-thought that need to be exercised for a secure Cyberspace; for the common users and also for the policy makers and those technologists. “Total Visibility” can also refer to the “Cyber Secure India” presence in the Cyber space. Basically, a dominant Team that would have much greater visibility than a those Cyber predators. We target those audience who want themselves and the others to be safe; and at the same time use the cyberspace as the ‘Technology Enabler’ for a better Socio-Technical existence on the Earth. We at “Cyber Secure India” believe that “Total Visibility” is a requisite for the fair, balanced and impartial -Guidance, Reporting and Business for a safe and sound Cyber Space 

With the future wars forecasted to be held in the virtual world and not on land, water or sea; the contribution to build a safe cyber space is the responsibility of one and all. Hence, through this “Cyber Secure India” initiative we intend being a Companion, Guide, Help book, Reference, etc; of aspects of Cyberspace, the team of Cyber Secure India takes this initiative to spread awareness about the domains related to the prefix ‘CYBER’.

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