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The Ransomware Gang is Back Again: This Time it’s the JBS who is the victim of the REvil

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REvil, A Notorious Ransomware Gang, Was Behind JBS Cyberattack

This time it’s the world’s largest meat processing company that has been targeted.

JBS is a Brazilian company founded in 1953 with over 150 plants in 15 countries across the globe, with over 1,50,000 employees worldwide. It was reported on Wednesday (02 Jun 2021) that the attack was directed towards the ERP computer networks at JBS which were hacked. This then lead to a temporarily shutting down of some of the operations in Australia, Canada and the US. In a Ransomware Attack, hackers get into a computer network and threaten to cause disruption or delete files unless a ransom is paid.

The FBI of US, on 03 Jun 2021 informed the media that the attack on JBS can be attributed to REvil, a Russian-speaking gang that has made some of the largest ransomware demands on record in recent months. Though, no immediate information of the ransomware claimed by the attacker has been disclosed; there are speculations that the loss is irreparable and that the data has been deleted by the attacker. Also, REvil has till date not posted anything related to the available data or the details of the hack on its dark web site. But, one cannot rule out the syndicates coming out with the details in the near future.

Further, the company, JBS has also confirmed that the Backup servers weren’t affected and also said that it was not aware of any customer, supplier or employee data being compromised. And that the operations at JBS has already resumed.

FBI has been asked to investigating the attack further, and come out with the report which needs to be submitted to White House at the earliest.

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