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Why this Gmail Outage in India

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Google services suffer outage in India, Gmail worst affected

Many users of Gmail were surprised to experience a never before and one of its king outages. “the Gmail is down” was the comment that was echoing across the Cyber Space today i.e. 20 August 2020. Twitter users were also seen broadcasting on the handle #gmaildown. There were problems reported of not receiving mails on the mail box, as well as users not able to attach document. There were reports of even Google Drive, experiencing an outage and so was the other apps related to it.

Problems of pasting and forwarding links on the email platform was also reported.

We are investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly,” read the statement on Google Apps status page.

The sent mails from other email service providers were seen to be disappearing into thin cloud and that the mails were not received at the inbox of Gmail. The issue may or may not be related to Cyber Attack, but experts have not ruled out any such act by malicious elements.

The enterprise level services were also affected and the assessment of loss due to this outage can only be estimated subsequently, said an expert.

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