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The post-COVID-19 pandemic Cyber Security Evangelism: why the virus is an opportunity to initiate and sustain Cyber Security measures

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It is also obvious that Individuals and Enterprises have been more vulnerable, as the workforce and individuals have been working from home through d...
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Why “Free” public Wi-Fi should be used with caution? Can be a new playground for cyber criminals

We at CYBER SECURE INDIA evaluate the risks of using public WiFi and suggest strategies to use the free service while being secure and not being a vi...
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Protect Yourself from E-wallet Fraud

E-wallet frauds are on a rise! E-Wallets in India have become the most convenient way that its citizens have stated transacting on on-line and off-...
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Hackers are using remote-access software to carry out the “Live Clonejack Attack”: You will find your e-wallets and net-banking accounts being drained out

Attackers install Remote Access software for “Live Clonejack Attack” on Smartphone/Devices to take control of e-wallets and net-banking accounts of ...
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