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Smart TV at your Home is the next spy device: Smartness is not about the TV but how you use it

Smart TVs equipped with internet streaming and facial recognition capabilities at homes may be a hack-able and spying device The Television (TV) o...
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Government of India requests its Citizen to provide Feedback and Comments on National Cyber Security Strategy Year 2020

INDIA NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY STRATEGY 2020 Government of India had first come out with a National Cyber Security Policy in the year 2013. The poli...
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Vishing Attack on Mobile Phone Users: The quicker and easy way to execute a financial theft in India on Smartphone Users

A Vishing Attack is much easier on a Smartphone user and can be an easy victim of financial fraud Many Indians today, perceive that their Smart Pho...
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Hackers are using remote-access software to carry out the “Live Clonejack Attack”: You will find your e-wallets and net-banking accounts being drained out

Attackers install Remote Access software for “Live Clonejack Attack” on Smartphone/Devices to take control of e-wallets and net-banking accounts of ...
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It is no more just Jamtara, the Government of India will need to look at curtailing the spread of e-crime corridor to safeguard its citizens from Fiscal Fraud

Spread of e-crime corridor beyond Jamtara, a Parliament Question Most of us at some point of time, may have received calls from fraudsters with ca...
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After a Delay of Two Years the Cyber Crime Data of 2017 has been published by National Crime Records Bureau of India: A jump of 77 percent from previous year

NCRB Cyber Crime Report 2017 shows an increase of 77 percent in reported offences
NCRB Cyber Crime Report 2017 shows an increase of 77 percent in reported offences The Cyber Crime Cases in India On 21 October 2019, the National C...
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