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The ZERO KB File: A Threat to Enterprises who can be at Risk from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Secure India
It is but common that System Managers, Information Technology Management Asset Owners, DBAs, CISOs, etc; face with the threat of losing data avail...
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The Need for India to have an Indigenous Operating System for PCs and Smart Phones as also Hardware- China to phase out Foreign Hardware and Software by year 2022

Should India also tow-the-line to ensure its Digital Sovereignty, like the Chinese Ban on Foreign Hardware and Software by year 2020. In a recent a...
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Hackers are using remote-access software to carry out the “Live Clonejack Attack”: You will find your e-wallets and net-banking accounts being drained out

Attackers install Remote Access software for “Live Clonejack Attack” on Smartphone/Devices to take control of e-wallets and net-banking accounts of ...
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