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Google at the rescue again to assist the fight against COVID-19: What is the help extended or can be taken from Google

Cyber Secure India
Indian government officially launches its coronavirus tracking app, Google will also help in its contribution for the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic...
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The Truth verses Hype: Digital Forensic Hash Integrity of a Smart Phone

cyber secure india
Digital Forensic Hash Integrity of a Smart Phone. The use of Smartphone worldwide is increasing and is set to overtake the penetration of other dig...
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If your child is less than 13 years and is a registered user of WhatsApp: Beware the child is violating laws

If your child is less than 13 years and is a registered user of WhatsApp, the child is violating laws. In India alone, “WhatsApp” had reached over ...
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From 01 January 2020 SBI customers will require an OTP to perform Cash Withdrawals above Rs 10,000 at SBI ATMs: National Financial Switch (NFS) Infrastructure and Design being inadequate, may allow other ATMs to still dispense cash without OTP

State Bank of India (SBI) customer are advised to carry their mobile/smartphone, for cash withdrawal at ATMs, as they will receive an OTP on the Regi...
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Why “Free” public Wi-Fi should be used with caution? Can be a new playground for cyber criminals

We at CYBER SECURE INDIA evaluate the risks of using public WiFi and suggest strategies to use the free service while being secure and not being a vi...
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Vishing Attack on Mobile Phone Users: The quicker and easy way to execute a financial theft in India on Smartphone Users

A Vishing Attack is much easier on a Smartphone user and can be an easy victim of financial fraud Many Indians today, perceive that their Smart Pho...
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Hackers are using remote-access software to carry out the “Live Clonejack Attack”: You will find your e-wallets and net-banking accounts being drained out

Attackers install Remote Access software for “Live Clonejack Attack” on Smartphone/Devices to take control of e-wallets and net-banking accounts of ...
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