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Conti Ransomware: The Next Trending

Cyber Secure India
Imagine that you walk into your office, and/or login to your personal laptop and find your system with a blank white screen with a message telling yo...
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Zorin OS 15.2 Linux distribution is here, the open source Operating System is now available for download and use

New OS of Linux Kernel Released Linux, computer Operating System (OS) created in the early 1990s by Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds and th...
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Microsoft Application Inspector is now an Open Source Tool: Check open source components for unwanted features

Microsoft had developed software that could test open source software to provide its customers high-quality software and services. Recognising the in...
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The Need for India to have an Indigenous Operating System for PCs and Smart Phones as also Hardware- China to phase out Foreign Hardware and Software by year 2022

Should India also tow-the-line to ensure its Digital Sovereignty, like the Chinese Ban on Foreign Hardware and Software by year 2020. In a recent a...
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Is the Indian Government considering a Ban on Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption Feature: A relook at the provisions of Personal Data Protection Bill?

WhatsApp End-To-End Encryption, is it here to stay of the Government is looking for a Ban. There is no single solution to Privacy or Security. Ther...
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