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Is there a SNAKE under the hood of Honda: EKANS Malware is a targeted Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Ransomware

Cyber Secure India
Honda Motors under Cyber Attack. In a delayed communication on 09 June 2020, the Japanese Automobile Giant, Honda Motor Company Headquarters, pass ...
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The Lesson We Are Learning From Zoom: Are we able to do away with it and cling to an alternative

cyber secure india
The popular app Zoom offers the simplest path to videoconferencing. The app has been put to extensive uses during this period when the world is under...
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Is the Indian Government considering a Ban on Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption Feature: A relook at the provisions of Personal Data Protection Bill?

WhatsApp End-To-End Encryption, is it here to stay of the Government is looking for a Ban. There is no single solution to Privacy or Security. Ther...
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