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A Prompt Action of Banning Virtual SIM or eSIM Undertaken by Apple and Google in India: The Pros and Cons of eSIM and its new Challenges for Cyber Experts and Security Agencies

Cyber Secure India
From the technology standpoint, the deployment is very simple as well. It seems likely that eSIMs are the way the mobile device industry is moving. ...
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Your next Samsung Smart TV will be even smarter: Introduces a new privacy app called ‘Privacy Choices’ that will allow users to take control of their privacy

Samsung announces 'Privacy Choices' app for its Smart TVs. Many Smart TV owners and consultants of Security have voiced the concern with regard to ...
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Government of India MEA establishes “New, Emerging and Strategic Technologies” (NEST) Division: an entity to manage India’s technology policy, coordinate domestic stakeholders, technology dealings with external agencies & promulgate national security aspects

The Government of India has announced the setting up of the “New, Emerging and Strategic Technologies” (NEST) Division under the MEA on Wednesda...
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Is the Indian Government considering a Ban on Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption Feature: A relook at the provisions of Personal Data Protection Bill?

WhatsApp End-To-End Encryption, is it here to stay of the Government is looking for a Ban. There is no single solution to Privacy or Security. Ther...
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