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Criminal on-full throttle with Cybercrime on the rise during Coronavirus Pandemic and they are also capitalising on COVID-19 fear

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the declaration of the same as a global pandemic, the Cyber World has noticed a rise in Cybercrime. Since th...
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If you find an interesting coronavirus maps on whatsapp or as an email attachment click with caution as this may be a Cyber Attack

cyber secure india
How hackers are using coronavirus maps to infect your computers. As reported by Cyber Experts, it has been observed that the hackers have resorted ...
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10 Point Formula that will help you avoid being a victim of Cyber Crime

10 Point Formula from CYBER SECURE INDIA, that will help your against being a victim of cyber crime. India has reported 3.13 lakh Cyber Security in...
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The Union Cabinet of India approves the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill: Have we settled down for Data Localisation rather than Data Sovereignty

India's Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 will be implemented soon There are reports on 04 December 2019, in the media that the Union Cabinet of I...
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